Eric Rey and Bianca Khoury, founders of Urban Perch Boutique Homes, build healthier spaces by design. Urban Perch crafts elegant, efficient homes that inspire holistic living.


Eric Rey and Bianca Khoury couldn’t have chosen a more apropos name for their homebuilding and real estate business in Winter Park. With a focus on finding homesites for those who want to live in the heart of the city, the husband-and-wife team will build custom homes that incorporate themes of wellness.


The name Urban Perch Boutique Homes, Rey explains, came from the couple’s intent to do more infill construction in such urban areas as Winter Park and College Park. 

“We liked the word “perch” as it relates to these older neighborhoods where an abundance of big old trees provides perches for birds,” he adds. “And if you visit our office space, it has a very boutique — small and sophisticated — feel. (The company’s website refers to available homes as “available perches.”) 


Both Rey and Khoury grew up in Orlando. Rey, whose parents started Rey Homes in Orlando in 1978, was immersed in the homebuilding business as a youngster. He graduated from the University of Florida with a business degree, and later earned his general contractor license. 

Khoury has an international business degree from Rollins College and is also a realtor and yoga instructor who has a keen sense of wellness that incorporates physical, emotional and social wellbeing on a holistic level. 


“We develop all the available homes on our website,” Rey says. “We purchase the property, design the product, make all the selections and list to sell.” notes Rey. He and Khoury also work with clients to help them find close-in homesites where custom homes can be built.  

Although Urban Perch doesn’t have a particular architectural look, its building style has the overall feel of openness and airiness. Aesthetically, you’ll frequently see soft white exteriors with contrasting colors in driveways, light fixtures or darker (sometimes black) windows frames. 


Urban Perch has built homes ranging in size from 1,450 to 7,000 square feet that are priced from $1.5 to $3.5 million. Homebuyers are often impressed with how spacious the homes feel, which Rey attributes to the use of numerous windows that help create volume — even in smaller designs. 


The couple’s interest in wellness has fueled their drive to be the area’s “Wellness Builder.” Khoury says that all the company’s homes include such standard wellness features as water purification and clean air filtration systems. Many also boast gyms, saunas and aromatherapy units. 


Currently Urban Perch has about 13 homes in some phase of development and more in the pipeline. A small development of 15-30 custom homes is in their future expansion plans.